Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Like Grammar or I Was Called a Snob on Facebook Today

Let's let the fact that I have not posted in...many moons go at the moment or maybe forever and concentrate on the reason for my post.

I was called a snob on Facebook today.

I was also told that 'flaming' people for grammar and or spelling was passe.  Sacré bleu!  Actually, I thought the word or any way of saying 'flame' went out with "The Knot" chat rooms when speaking to someone's 'dollar dance' choice or selection of navy bridesmaid dresses with a flower other than a Gerber daisy.

But I digress.

I was called a snob because I thought that it was important that when you are stomping for a cause, whether it be on Facebook or the White House steps, that you clearly express yourself.  I was on a comment thread about disaster in Japan and all the radioactive waste pouring into the ocean.  It became very clear to me that those responding were passionate about the fact that they were scared and angry but they had no actual facts to back up their fear or anger because all they were doing was complaining bordering on whining.  You know the type I am talking about, complaining about problems but only offering solutions that would NEVER work (getting rid of all nuclear energy) for our current state of affairs. 

Sidebar: This post is neither pro nor anti nuclear energy.

Back to the program.  When I say 'never work' I don't mean that they are beyond the realm of possibility, I mean they would never work because of the people suggesting the 'solutions'. 

Here's an example: "Humans are really stupid animals ,selfish and dirty,not one other spezies will handle the nature like humans do ." 

Here is another: "don't eat seafood. i'm not touching it. between the gulf, this radioactive stuff and the huge island of garbage, all of the water is connected. i'm not eating seafood."

Now tell me, how many of you (ok, no one is reading this because I have not posted in ages and lost all my followers but maybe someone will) took those comments seriously?  Did they cause you to re-think your humanity or daily food choice? If it did...stop reading now and go try to get your money back for the land in Florida you bought and a return on those magic beans.

Now how about this comment (on a different thread becuase I could not find an intelligent on the one mentioned above): "There have been many scientific studies undertaken demonstrating the positive effects of meditation on the body. The mind/body connection has been proven many times over the past several decades. As a mediator and someone who experienced a occipital stroke, I personally know the recovery of my sight is directly linked to my meditation practice."

Which of the three comments intrigued you and made you want to learn more? 

Seriously if you pick the wrong one I will slap you in the brain.  

It's pretty obvious, right?  The first two only offer opinions not backed up with personal or other experience.  The last states that there are specific reasons for why the person believes in the cause or idea being presented.  

Now I understand Facebook is not Nature or Scientific American or even InTouch all I am am saying is that if you are going to express yourself or take the time to actually impart your opinion on a point or cause important to you, wouldn't you want it to be as clear as possible to get your point across?   I'd seriously rather listen (and poke fun of) Glenn Beck (and you know how I HATE him) rather than listen to the rantings of an food activist (and I am into my clean, non-GMO, organic, humanely raised, food) who swears and screams and cries but doesn't tell me how he got to his beliefs.  Passion is great and all but it can burn out.  Knowledge is forever in your brain whether you change your opinions or not.

I don't think that it makes me a snob to want people with opinions to have facts and concise thinking to back them up.  I am perfectly willing to listen to just about anyone's argument, even if I think it's wrong, as long as you think you can back it up.  If you can't, keep your mouth shut (and fingers still).


Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

The downside to the internet is that everyone automatically assumes their opinion is fact, and can be spread without basic grammatical skill. Aren't people awesome?

Snooty Primadona said...

Proper grammar has always been my biggest pet peeve... perhaps because I live in Texas, LOL! I don't remember it ever being an issue when I lived in Colorado. I'm proud to say that I'm a grammar snob!

In your defense, I agree that if you can't articulate what you want to say about your cause, no one is going to pay much attention.

And, just for the record, I know of many *animals* more stoooopid than mankind. That was funny!

And, just for the record, I can vouch for the fact that information does not always stay in one's mind forever. I'm losing past info on a daily basis & doing everything possible (ok, playing memory games & scrabble on the net) to regain what I've lost of my mind. It's like swomeone has been hitting my delete button. Wait. Now what was my opinion?

Glad to see you back kiddo, even if for just a rant!

Los said...

Facebook is probably not the best place to go for intelligent commentary ... it's probably equivalent to most people who call into talk/sports radio ...

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I think it's your job to bring back "flame." The country is crying out for a solution. I've yet to figure out what problem it will solve, but just post it on Facebook, I'm sure someone could tell you!